Great Collection of the Lives of the Saints


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Each volume of the Great Collection of the Lives of the Saints is drawn from the ancient sources in Greek, Latin, Syriac and other tongues, rendered into Church Slavonic by St. Demetrius, and here presented in English translation. The accounts in these books are distinguished by their completeness, superb literary quality, extreme fidelity to the originals, and sober, traditional tone. Unlike other collection of Saints' Lives currently available in English, St. Demetrius' versions are themselves authoritative patristic texts, having been compiled and edited by one of the greatest saints of Christ's Church. Each volume includes one or more full length lives for each day of the month, and homilies for major feast days. Attractively bound in a black embossed hard cover. Currently offering eight completed volumes: September through April. translated by Fr. Thomas Maretta hardcover

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