St. Matrona of Moscow

Born blind in 1881, St. Matrona began to exhibit extraordinary spiritual gifts even as a child.  Having lost her ability to walk at seventeen years old, for the rest of her life – over fifty years – she lived in a room filled with icons, sitting cross-legged on her bed. With a radiant face and a quiet voice, she received all who came to seek divine consolation through her presence. She foretold the great misfortunes that were to sweep down upon the land of Russia after the Bolshevik revolution, placing her gift of insight at the service of the people of God. Not only Muscovites but also people from afar, of all ages and conditions, thronged around her to ask her advice and her prayers. In this way she truly became the support of afflicted people, especially during World War II. Having foretold the day of her death, she fell asleep in peace in 1952.  To this day, the faithful line up by the thousands to venerate her miracle-working relics located at the women’s monastery of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God in Moscow.

Painted by a monk at the Hermitage

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