Soldier Cross


From the Skete of St. John!

It is reported that this cross was given to troops by the Tsar of Russia.

The design incorporates the St. Andrew Cross with extensive lettering in Old Church Slavonic and Greek. Above the cross is written "King of Glory". "IC XC" for "Jesus Christ" runs parallel to the middle cross bar. "Son of God" is written beneath.

At the base of the cross a skull with the letters "G" and "A" represent "the skull of Adam", while the letters "MLRB" signify "the place of the skull has become Paradise".

To the left is represented the spear that pierced the Lord's side, to the right the staff with a sponge of vinegar given to Him when He said "I thirst". On the reverse side is the beginning of the prayer "Let God arise..." from Psalm 68 (KJV).

Tradition teaches that when the Apostle Andrew preached in southern Russia he placed a life-sized three-bar cross at his side. While explaining the Last Judgment, he tilted the foot plate to signify that those who confess Jesus as Lord, like the wise thief crucified to the right of Christ, will go up into heaven.  Those who revile and blaspheme him, like the thief crucified to the left of Christ, will go down into hell.

1.16" x .72"


Type: Neck Crosses